Get to know us

What the heck is Task Force Payments? Well, watch and learn:

If you get tired of watching and/or listening to that guy, here’s a transcript:

“Hello! I’m Tony Kutner of Task Force Payments, a provider of custom merchant services solutions. We help businesses collect revenue in all forms other than cash.

“Task Force Payments is an independent entity: we don’t represent the banks; we don’t represent the processor; we represent our merchants. In simplest terms we have no salary, and on the rare occasions that we do get a sales commission, it’s minimal.

“So how do we get paid? Our income depends solely on collecting a tiny fraction of our customers’ credit card revenue every single month. This means that if you’re not in business with us, we’re not going to get paid. Obviously, we’re highly motivated to keep our clients and businesses with us. We do this through outstanding service at a reasonable cost. It also means if we can think of a way to help your business grow, we’re going to do it, because when your revenue goes up, we get a raise.

“If you’re interested in learning more about how Task Force Payments can help your business thrive and expand, please click or call today.

“Thank you.”